Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is an emerging email authentication standard that associates your business brand logo with every email authenticated via DMARC. Logix is happy to launch BIMI adoption services. We will handhold you through BIMI implementation, so that your business logo can finally start appearing in your outgoing emails.

Why opt for BIMI?

Email spoofing and brand impersonation incidents are at an all-time high. Businesses all over are worried about establishing the authenticity of their emails. When hackers misuse your business domain to send spam to your mailing lists and customers, your reputation takes a hit.

While email authentication protocols like DMARC, SPF, and DKIM exist, customers of these digital businesses are still hesitant about incoming emails. They have become aware that simply your business name in the email address does not guarantee valid emails.

While this is a turn for the better for cybersecurity as a whole, it means you need another way of reassuring your customers about the validity of your mails.

Benefits of BIMI for your business

Our BIMI Adoption Services will help you:

  • Build solid trust with your customers through your mail communication.
  • Improve your customers’ faith in your brand through the constant recall factor of your logo.
  • Get rid of email spoofing attacks once and for all.
  • Protect your business reputation from getting tarnished by hackers misusing your email domain.

Additional benefits of BIMI >

Logix Achieves BIMI for you

Achieving BIMI is a 6-step process. Logix owns this complete process, right from verifying your DMARC to getting your logo to start appearing with your valid, authenticated emails.

One of the most critical steps of achieving BIMI is acquiring the VMC (Verified Mark Certificate). However, other BIMI adoption services expect that you have a lot of the prerequisites sorted out before they can help you configure BIMI and acquire. Logix looks after VMC for your brand and we also help you prepare your brand logo in the proper SVG formats.

Put in a request for accessing our BIMI adoption services

Submit this form to get the benefits of a fully owned and managed BIMI adoption process. If you want to put in just a VMC request, the same form will work. We will work through your requirements when our team will process your request.

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