Your logo doesn't show with your email. How do I trust it?


BIMI is an emerging email authentication protocol that allows your brand logo to start showing beside all your valid outgoing emails.

With BIMI, the equation is simple: your logo equals proof of your identity. No more chances of your business email domain getting spoofed and misused.

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) with Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) displays your verified brand logo with every outgoing emails, authenticated via DMARC.

Today, with inflated attempts of email spoofing and brand impersonation, individuals are looking for ways they can ensure the validity of an email.


Adopting BIMI offers your business


The new brand authentication tool for your business

Logix Owns the Complete 6-Step BIMI Process

As BIMI is becoming popular, more and more brand logos have started appearing with emails in Gmail / Yahoo / AOL. Other mail clients are likely to follow.

But achieving BIMI is a 6-step plan and the market expects you to be ready with a lot of prerequisites. This is where Logix stands out. We take complete ownership of the BIMI process from getting the Logo registered and trademarked, adopting DMARC, SVG Logo creation, getting the VMC (Verified Mark Certificate) and BIMI DNS setting.

The BIMI Process

BIMI Price Plan


ShowBIMI Basic

ShowBIMI Premium

Entrust VMC Certificate



BIMI Implementation



SVG logo creation






Price (1 year) / Domain

Rs. 80,000/-

Rs. 2,00,000/-

Terms and Conditions:

  • Customer should have Registered Trademark (Visible on the Trademark website).
  • **Show BIMI basic assumes DMARC is implemented for the domain & DMARC Status is set to p=quarantine or p=reject.
  • Payment : 100 % At beginning of the year.
  • Additional Domain or Sub Domain is charged Rs 80000 Per Year for Entrust VMC Certificate.

BIMI Endorses Your Brand Identity

Google announced BIMI Support in Gmail, and other mailbox providers followed suite. That’s because there are some substantial benefits to adopting BIMI.

Reduces Targeted Email Spoofing Attacks

When every incoming email from your brand is stamped with your official brand logo, all email spoofing attempts will fail.

Increases Customer Trust

When customers associate your brand logo with authentic emails, they become convinced your emails will not be spammy or risky.

Improves Brand Visibility

Once your emails start appearing with your brand logo, every new email – marketing or transactional – cements user trust.

Betters Email Marketing Payoffs

With BIMI, email service providers are less likely to flag your bulk emails. This means higher email deliverability. Also enjoy better click-thru rates since your logo means automatic trust.


Verified Mark Certificate

A Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) is a digital certificate which authenticates and verifies the ownership of the registered trademark logo for your brand. A VMC logo, once verified, can be displayed alongside your emails. It is the most crucial component of the BIMI process that actually renders your logo in your outgoing emails with an added layer of security. When you adopt BIMI with Logix, we will take care of the VMC acquisition for you.

Steps to VMC

Implement BIMI & Safeguard Your Brand

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